Digital Photography is utilised in a variety of revenue generating applications, from capturing tourists climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, to cuddling a Koala at a Gold Coast Theme Park, or from photography on a roller coaster to Santa photography in the malls at Christmas.

Digital Photo Industries can design, integrate, install (and in some cases operate) state of the art digital imaging systems in a wide variety of markets. We can show tourism sites how to generate significant income from a new souvenir photographic operation or how to increase margin from a business already in operation.


Whatever your event - a party, convention or trade show, a dinner dance, school formal, customer function or a festival - remember the event with pictures. Capture the moment, reward your employees, re-live the party.


Our photographers come to your event and take digital photographs of your guests having fun. Using the latest digital imaging technology, we view and select the images on screen, then print them on quality photographic paper right there, on the spot. We can even print your company message and/or logo on each photograph. The prints can be presented in a special mount and delivered to your guests during your event.


As the saying goes, if it was easy, everyone would do it. That’s certainly the case with high quality ride photography.


Whether it’s a high speed roller coaster, a towering drop ride, or perhaps a family friendly log flume, we have the solution.
Our systems incorporate the latest in digital capture technology and lighting, including very high speed multi-burst strobes.

magpix bomber

There are times when we’re called upon to build studio systems. This might be for a posed photo with animals in a zoo environment, for professional quality portraits of guests with park mascots, or even for Santa Photography at Christmas.

As always we focus on quality and ease of use.

Our studio systems can be portable and are often used in Event Imaging application too.

rovingpix camera

Even with the myriad digital cameras and cameras in mobile phones, there are still opportunities to deliver guests a unique, quality image via roving photography.

Our system is easy to set up and use, with each guests image easily and quickly identified for later retrieval and sale. We can even link guests images to barcode or RFID wrist bands or their biometric data.

studiopix green-screen

There are times when a green screen studio can deliver a souvenir photo that can’t be delivered any other way.

We do prefer to capture the real experience rather than fake it, so if we do activate a green screen system, we like to make it immersive, an experience in its own right.

Check out a great case study here.

sharepix download

Capturing an image is only part of the fun, sharing your photos is at the heart of your enjoyment.

It is hard to imagine anything more joyful than remembering the good times, sharing those memories with family, friends and loved ones.

SharePix is our proprietary web based system which delivers a digital copy to guests of their memorable experiences at our partner sites.

biometrix rfid

Our biometric imaging software is being used in over a dozen countries.
Growing international attention has been brought to biometric imaging as security concerns have grown in recent years.

Our extensive software development experience integrated with a strong client-centric approach has allowed us to develop powerful biometric imaging capabilities.

We can save and retrieve client data (including ID photo) via finger print readers, barcode printers or even RFID chips.

schoolshotz teamshotz

Personalised Team or School Photos produced on the spot! Don't wait weeks or even months for your team photos to be delivered. Photo Now, our Cairns based imaging partners, can produce fabulous montage prints on the same day. They even add the names of the players and the clubs logo.


They do all the photography indoors at your venue so there are no weather concerns and can even do the photography at night. Using our proprietary software they are able to produce a team or school photo with all names instantly. Our high speed photo printers enable us to fill orders on the spot.!


Increase the entertainment value of the bowling experience at your venue . . . . and with Ten Pin Pix it's self funding!


YOUR CUSTOMERS WILL LOVE IT! TenPinPix will help you generate additional revenue from your bowling customers by producing a high quality photo keepsake. A photo they could not take themselves. We provide a purpose built digital imaging system that is designed to deliver compelling souvenir photographs, ready to sell to your customers in seconds.