Say Cheese

These days you can visit this superbly restored fun-park to catch a concert at the Big Top, eat classy cuisine at The Deck or just take in the million dollar views. Or you can ride the historic Wild Mouse coaster or enjoy the Ferris Wheel, as guests have been doing since 1935.

Digital Photo Industries is the proud imaging partner at Sydney’s Luna Park. Our first project is the historic Wild Mouse coaster. Great photos and great sales.

We’ll be adding more great photo opportunities soon.

Visit them at : www.lunaparksydney.com


Cute Pics

Featherdale Wildlife Park is Sydney’s ultimate Hands-On Wildlife Experience.

We’re honoured that this park chose to work with Digital Photo Industries to deliver stunning souvenir photos to their guests.

Whether it’s the Private Animal Encounter with Wombats, Kangaroos and snakes or the Personal Koala Encounter, DPI’s team of photographers are delivering value to the guest and the park.


Underworld Snaps

Underworld Lasers awe inspiring interactive playing arena and state of the art equipment takes the game of laser tag to a new and exciting level.

We’ve added ‘live action’ green screen technology at this venue, to capture unique, interactive souvenir photos.


It's Over The Edge

The Eureka Skydeck is the only observation deck in the world that can thrill you with 'The Edge' - a glass cube which projects 3 metres out from the building - with you in it - suspended almost 300 metres above the ground!

If you are brave enough to take on this elevated challenge, you just have to have a photo to prove it and thanks to the imaging system designed and installed by Digital Photo Industries, you can.


A very cool photo!

You're in Ice Bar Melbourne, it's -9°C, you're drinking out of a glass made of ice, standing at a bar made of ice, the walls and chairs are made of ice, you've just got to get a photo of this experience!

Digital Photo Industries designed a system to operate in these extreme conditions and we're now generating tremendous additional revenue for this venue.


Scenic Photos

Melbourne's Luna Park now has a state of the art imaging system on the historic Scenic Railway. The Scenic Railway, which was installed in the Park in 1912, is a Melbourne icon. It's the oldest continually operating roller coaster in the world and now when you ride it, you can take away a photo memento.

Ghostly Photos

The guest experience on the historic Ghost Train at Melbourne's Luna Park has been enhanced with the help of our expertise. We were called upon to update one of the 'scares' by incorporating a loud scream sound effect just as a skeleton sits up in a cobweb infested bed. We then capture the guests photo right at the moment of maximum facial expression.


Snapped Behind Bars

The Old Melbourne Gaol Watch House Experience has now been enhanced with the introduction of an interactive Photo Booth.

At the end of the 40 minute Watch House Experience, where guests are 'arrested' and encounter what it's like to be locked up, guests can pose and create a souvenir photo of themselves behind bars.

As the National Trust say, "Every moment an amazing story", and thanks to Digital Photo Industries we now capture that moment.


It’s A Maze’N at A Maze’N Things

This award winning tourist destination on Phillip Island is generating incremental revenue from two great photo opportunities. Digital Photo Industries designed and installed photo systems on their 'Shrinking Room' and 'Giant Slide'. Visit them at www.amazenthings.com.au


Rocking Good Shots

Bimbi Park at Cape Otway has a whole new experience for its guests. The recently constructed 10 meter high rock climbing wall has climbs for beginners to the experienced. And thanks to Digital Photo Industries, guests climbing the wall can take away a souvenir photo of their exhilarating climb.

Bimbi Park is one of those hidden treasures, sheltered under the Manna gums of Cape Otway. Bimbi Park is a place where you can truly camp under the koalas – and climb to new heights.


Panny's Amazing World of Chocolates at the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory now features a unique Photobooth, which Digital Photo Industries built in conjunction with Megafun Pty Ltd. Guests can pose amongst massive, larger than life chocolate treats and the photo system captures this fun moment. Guests can email a low res file, print a high quality souvenir photo, or purchase their own, unique, personalised chocolate bar featuring their photo on the wrapper.

The Phillip Island Chocolate Factory is definitely the sweetest and most addictive attraction on Phillip Island.


High Flying Photos

Board a state-of-the-art gondola at the Eagle Arthurs Seat a and fly over the state forest to the highest point of the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.

DPI is delivering stunning and unique panoramic souvenir photos for this fantastic experience at Arthurs Seat.


Cuddly Photos

Think Digital Imaging, our Far North Queensland imaging partners, now utilise our expertise to capture fantastic photo mementos at the Kuranda Koala Gardens.

When guests get to hold a snake or cuddle a Koala, it's a photo they just have to have.

We're proud that Think Digital Imaging trusted us to deliver a high quality product, efficiently and reliably.


Jaw Dropping Snaps

Think Digital Imaging, our Far North Queensland imaging partners, now utilise our expertise to capture fantastic photo mementos at Hartley's Crocodile Adventures.

When guests hold a crocodile or a snake, it's a photo they just have to have.

We're proud that Think Digital Imaging trusted us to deliver a high quality product, efficiently and reliably.


Very Fishy Photos

We are once again partnering with our Far North Queensland imaging partner Think Digital Imaging, to capture fantastic photo mementos at the new Cairns Aquarium.


High in the Sky

Travelling high above Australia’s World Heritage listed tropical rainforest in purpose built gondolas makes SkyRail the world’s most beautiful rainforest experience. And we are there with our Cairns based imaging partners capturing unique photo mementos for their guests.


Feudin’ Feastin’ Fun Fotos

It’s Feudin’ Feastin’ Family Fun at The Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Feud™!

Our high volume green screen system is fully tested at this venue in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee where over 700 guests are photographed in a little over 30min, as they enter this unique dinner theatre venue.


Entertainment in a Snap

We can photograph over 1000 guests utilising our high volume green screen application, as they enter this ultimate variety experience at the Smoky Mountain Opry in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.


They make you smile, we take your photo

The Comedy Barn in Pigeon Forge Tennessee, is the most successful and most attended clean comedy theatre in the world!

Thanks to the Fee Hedrick Family Entertainment Group, Digital Photo Industries is there to deliver fabulous photo souvenir mementos to help guests remember the laughs.


Magical Photos

Magic Beyond Belief starring Darren Romeo brings magic and music together for an incredible show!

Digital Photo Industries was challenged to deliver something different, something unique, something magical.

Guests are photographed in a very compact green screen studio as they enter the theatre. The resulting image is a stunning souvenir memento of their magical experience.


Musical Photos

Charlie Bob Smith and Friends, perform award-winning Pop, Country and Gospel hits during their Morning Variety Show. Add in impersonations and comedy and you’ve got the ultimate variety entertainment package!

Our high volume green screen system generates a personalised CD cover to help guests take home both a visual and audio memento of the show.


Wild Photos

The team at Branson's Wildworld in Missouri, now utilise our imaging expertise to capture fantastic photo mementos.

When guests get to cuddle a dingo puppy, or hold a snake, it's a photo they just have to have.

Branson's Wildworld challenged us to have a system in operation in just 10 days. This was achieved and without even setting foot in the venue.

As Branson's Wildworld Manager said, "I'm a business man that likes to make money and want my customers to be happy with their experience and their photos".


Zip Away

EcoZip Adventures offers state-of-the-art flying-fox ziplines and an eco-immersive forest walk on breathtaking Waiheke Island, and we’re there creating those fantastic photo mementos.